About us

It all began as an idea in the mind of a visionary servant of God who was a pioneer minister of the Malayalee Assemblies of God (AG) in the USA. It was in the 1980s. The Malayalee Pentecostals in the USA had begun to organize themselves into larger fellowships across denominational boundaries. However, Rev. C. M. Verghese who pastored the International Christian AG Church (ICC) in New Jersey sensed the need to form a communion of ministers and believers who held allegiance to AG. He shared his aspirations with some of the AG ministers serving in the Greater New York area such as Rev. V.S. George, Rev. K.P. Titus, Rev. M.S. Mathai, et al., and after months of deliberations, met to discuss further steps. It resulted in the formation of the AG North Eastern Fellowship. 

The crucial meeting held in 1990 at the ICC in New Jersey was attended by several pastors and believers 
including Rev. K. P. Titus, Rev. Rajan Philip, Rev. Wilson Jose, the late Rev. V. S. George, the late Rev. M.C. Jacob, Rev. P.O. Abraham, Rev. Johnkutty Varghese, Brothers C. M. Mammen, Benny Cherian, Stanley George, Thomson Pallil, the late George Joseph, et al. They set the ball rolling by electing Rev. K.P. Titus as Coordinator of the North Eastern Fellowship. The first major activity organized under the Fellowship was the Regional Convention held in June 1991 at Susan B. Antony High School in New York. It proved to be a refreshing and stimulating spiritual experience for all the attendees. 

Two years later, in 1993, the AG pastors present at the PCNAK held in Syracuse met and took the 
momentous and trail-blazing decision to organize an AG National Family Conference. A committee comprising Rev. K.P. Titus (President), Rev. Kunjumon Daniel (Vice President), Rev. Wilson Jose (Secretary), Rev. P.O. Abraham (Treasurer), Rev. Baby Daniel (Jt. Secretary), Benny Cherian, and Rajan Joseph worked on its details for the next two years, and the first AG Family Conference titled Assemblies of God India Fellowship of North America (AGIFNA) became a reality in July 1995 at the Martin Van Buren High School, New York. No question, it was a small beginning, with very limited physical facilities and conveniences, quite unacceptable by current standards; but the delegates were spiritually nourished and nurtured and they longed to experience the fervor of fellowship at least every other year. 

The next two conferences, in 1997 and 1999, were held in the AG Mahanaim Camp Site in Swan Lake, 
NY. These were live-in conferences. Though there was no hint of luxury, either in the living quarters or in the menu served, a Holy Spirit-infused atmosphere prevailed over the campsite, the participants recall, so much so that the general body decided on having the conference every year. 

Detroit was chosen the venue for the conference in 2000. It was here that we began to use high-end 
hotel facilities for our gatherings. Transportation arrangements were also made from major centers such as New York. Ever since, the AG believers have been crisscrossing the continent to participate in the annual spiritual events. In the last 24 years, the conference moved to major metropolises in the different states where we have Malayalee AG presence. Hartford (CT), Dallas (TX), Newark (NJ), Toronto (Canada), Houston (TX), Atlanta (GA), Phoenix (AZ), Rochester (NY), Chicago (IL), and Oklahoma City (OK) have all been venues for our annual congregations. The 25 th Silver Jubilee Conference was held in Philadelphia, PA in July 2023, and here we are at the threshold of the 26 th Conference in Ellenville, NY.